Warranty terms and conditions
Warranty terms and conditions

1. Dental products (Prosthetics) are made from the Contractor's materials (SENERGY dental studio). The Сustomer provides required prosthetic components, or the Contractor orders them from the Supplier, and the invoice is received and paid by the Customer.

2. The Contractor may involve third parties to perform work under this agreement while remaining responsible for the final result to the Customer.

3. For high-quality production of the work (order) and the Contractor's warranty obligation, the Customer is obliged to transfer the order for the manufacture of prostheses to the Contractor in compliance with the following conditions:

a) dental prints (scans) are of adequate quality;

b) a determined bite (i.e., bite rollers or templates and an antagonist print (or scan)must be available;

c) a detailed and readable paper (or electronic) work order;

d) photo of the patient according to the photo protocol;

e) for prosthetics on implants – an impression (scan) with transfers (scan markers) and analogs of implants.

4. If the Customer does not comply with the conditions specified in Clause 3, the Contractor does not bear any warranty obligations.

5. The Contractor is responsible for the improper quality of the work performed (except for the cases provided for in Clause 4).

6. The Contractor reserves the right to refuse to provide a guarantee. Still, notifies the Customer in writing before or during the execution of work.

7. Information on the order (work) that the Contractor receives from the Customer may be interpreted as a commercial secret and is not subject to disclosure, only with the Customer's permission.

8. Warranty periods for dental products *:

- Single-piece zirconia crowns – up to 10 years;

- Cermet crowns – up to 3 years;

- Feldspar veneers – up to 2 years; *

- Lithium disilicate veneers – up to 3 years; *

- Metal-plastic structures – up to 1 year.

* Provided that all fixation protocols are followed.

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